Part 1 of the Softlaunch

Getting things off the ground and trying to gather opinions around friends and colleagues took quite a bit longer than initially planned.  It is however time that we just start adjusting as we go.  So, with that, today on Sunday, May 30th, adellelijah is formally announcing a brand new type of website. Made for our friends, family, couples, singles and strangers, adellelijah is a culmination of my constant battery of ideas, reviews, opinions and thoughts but this time I'm dragging Adelle along for the ride.  More friends will also be contributing to this website as a whole creating the brand, "adellelijah."

A Little History:

Nine months ago Elijah proposed to Adelle.  Since then, life changing plans have been formulated, thought out, executed and outlined.  Marriage planning is an undertaking that has not necessarily consumed the both of them, but rather brought into line each another’s thoughts, ideas and game plans.  To add more light to their story, both their lives have been intertwined since the Fall of 2002 when they started formally dating.

One night in March of 2010, it donned on Elijah that he has always wanted, liked and sought after different things as compared to Adelle.  Time and time again, somehow, Elijah’s wants benefited Adelle.  Concluding, why does he have to create an argument that ends up as a benefit to both of them...for adellelijah?  This co-mingling for the 21st century can be seen in couples of all kinds but especially within the Gen X’rs or Gen Y’rs.  Those into technology, the internet, fashion and design and other awesome worldly necessities.

Continually learning, growing, understanding, and almost without compromise, they get each other excited about life.  This is what they together as adellelijah want to share with the world.