Kickstarter - Teardrop: the perfect cup of tea, every time

It's amazing what kind of projects and ideas one can develop and see to production with programs like Kickstarter. Today isn't any different. After looking for other projects around Kickstarter, adellelijah has found another amazing product to back. Check out the "Teardrop" project by Michael DiStefano. At 8% backing w/ 28 days to go, it seems like it's going to have a 4th period type finish, but I'm sure that after the public backing from Kevin Rose on twitter, you have to think that some of his 1.2 million followers have the funds to make this a successful project. If this post helps you realize Mr. DiStefano's dream, please leave a comment. Shoot, even if you are a fan of tea, an avid tea drinker or just love being a wannabe "Angel Investor" like adellelijah, please support Teardrop. For only $40, you get this amazing idea and at a 20% off retail price.

Watch the video below for an explanation of the magic. Self contained timer, never let it over-steep (a tea drinker's dream so that he / she can leave and let be while in the shower) and aesthetically pleasingly! If you feel extra nice and angel like, buy it for your mom for Mother's Day! Cheers!