gnonstop gnome attempts to color the social photoscape

A couple of months ago, Color launched with millions in funding but almost zero in positive feedback. Since then, updates have been pushed making the app friendlier and even neater, a cofounder has left and I'll admit that I have abandoned it. It was a fun and great way to see random pictures of those around you but only if there was someone using the app which in my case was rare. Alas, it's draw faded quickly and it has since been filed away in a folder on my second screen. gnonstop gnome

Today, gnonstop gnome populated the iOS and Android Market introducing yet another creative way of capturing photos and "socializing" them. You start off with either a free gnome or for $0.99, customize his hat, eyesbrows, eyes, nose, beard, clothes then name your gnome. You share the journey and create a timeline titling as well as geo-tagging each picture.

The adventure really begins when you use your phone's camera lens and "lyft" a gnome from a friend or even that new guy/gal you met at the hotel bar. Maybe a little weird at first but pretty cool right? Anyone that has "lyfted" the gnome can follow it's photo adventures across a map.

It's definitely an exciting start. Will it succeed where Color failed? Only time and users will tell but who would have thought that taking pictures (of what does seem to resemble the travelocity gnome) at random places with a little person was exciting?

Here's my first pic, yes it's boring, but it is a customized gnome!

Catch a demo of the app in the video below when it was presented by Churn Labs' Omar Hamoui at Disurpt NYC. You can also check out the latest blog post on here.

Gnonstop Gnomes is available for download today in both the iPhone app store and Android app market. After creating a gnome, you can transfer it to a friend, and then follow its adventures across a map as it moves from phone to phone. People who receive your gnome can make travel entries, including photos, which you will also be able to browse through as your gnome makes its journey. The application is free on both iPhone and Android.