Kickstarter: Twine - Listen to your world, talk to the Internet

Have you ever wanted your laundry machine to tweet or text you when it's done? Or maybe when a door opens of if the temperature drops, you'd want some type of alert? These guys from the MIT Media Labs have developed a device that communicates in a simple language and setup that you and I can configure. Check out the video! You have approximately 30 minutes left to get in and "back" their project! Afterwards, you'll have to wait and adopt their technology for a higher retail price. But why not and "angel" invest!

Update: If you weren't able to catch the Twine Kickstarter before their fundraising period ended, they sent out a thank you and a "you can still buy me" update. Here it is:

Kickstarter backers — you guys are amazing. When we started this 6 weeks ago, our expectations were modest, other than making a product that we wanted and that others would find useful, too. John and I cannot believe that you pushed Twine past 550K, making it one of the most successful crowd-funded projects ever! We are going to take good care of you. Twine will be that much more polished and ready to rock because of your support.

Missed the Kickstarter? Not to worry. You can still join the thousands of other awesome Twine owners by pre-ordering at the Supermechanical site. It's the next best thing to being an original backer!