Justin Bieber: Believe Deluxe Edition Review

Disclaimer: This was originally meant to be posted on June 28th, but I was simply embarrassed.  But here it is with my name posted to it.  Have at it! Yes, I’m serious that I’m reviewing his new album Boyfriend.  Why?  Because Justin Bieber is without a doubt one of the internet’s biggest names and he is a social media monger!  Take my word for it, once you start following him on twitter, your feed will blow up with his retweets and messages leaving you with a daunting task of filtering out your friends’ news.  This is my first album review so here goes.  Oh yeah, I forgot to add, I’m listening to each song at least once and then again on repeat.  Yes, that’s at at least twice, maybe three time but it's so I can give each song an honest live review followed by multiple revisits.  By the way, I’m using Adelle’s Lady Gaga Beats headphones paried with my JDS Labs c421 headphone amplifier.  Just think of it as flowing commentary.

  1. All Around the World (featuring Ludacris)
    1. opening up the album is a deep bass dance hit.  it’s catchy yes especially with Ludacris inserting his few lines (2:34) creating the bridge.  either than that, its’ nothing special or different from a traditional dance song.  I’ll bet we’ll be hearing it soon at a club near by.  Mixed with the fast then slow down rhythm, its a hit.
  2. Boyfriend
    1. its been on the radio for at least the past month as his hit single.  everyone that has heard it mistakes it for Justin Timberlake as his falsetto hits key notes during the lead in.  am I tired of it, maybe just a touch but its still a hit as iTunes will tell you.
  3. As Long As You Love Me (featuring Big Sean)
    1. boring.  its tries to be an interlude reminiscent of maybe a dru hill era but its confusing and too edited.  there’s a limit to how much you can post produce a song and this one is over the top.  I’m not impressed by Big Sean (2:03) either.  “I don’t know if this makes sense...” yeah, it doesn’t really.  The lyrics are okay at best.  “But the grass ain’t always greener on the other side, its’ green where you water it...but i’d rather work on this with you than go ahead and start with someone new as long as you love me.”  To me, it’s just talk.  It just tries too hard.
  4. Catching Feelings
    1. a great acoustic intro and different than the three previous songs.  It’s a welcome change of pace.  It’s a great love song.  Shoot, i think it’ll be great on piano and better as an acoustic solo.  Bieber actually sings on this track which is a nice surprise.
  5. Take You
    1. Bass is back and Justin’s voice is deeper.  =)  He’s a little more serious.  It almost feels like the third song song especially with the dance beat.  I was about to skip ahead about a minute and half into it.  It’s just boring.
  6. Right Here (featuring Drake)
    1. Electronic again but its expected right?  a slower beat, a duet mix makes this track different.  Drake opens up and Justin flows in and out as they complete each other’s sentences.  Justin says “Right Here” 35 times in 204 seconds.
    2. :44, :49, :54, :59, 1:00, 1:02, 1:03, 1:07, 1:09, 1:12, 1:14, 1:48, 1:52, 1:57, 2:02, 2:03, 2:05, 2:06, 2:10, 2:11, 2:15, 2:17, 2:39, 2:44, 2:49, 2:54, 2:55, 2:57, 2:58, 3:02, 3:03, 3:07, 3:09, 3:13, 3:14,
  7. Fall
    1. Acoustic again, thank you.  It sounds almost like a musical play coming to an end.  Its celebratory.  I’m guessing it’s suppose to bring you an uplifting feeling.  Positive.
  8. Die In Your Arms
    1. Gospel?  I like the snapping.  He even has an aside and talks in various parts of the song.  It’s almost Jackson 5 like.  Okay, that might be too crazy of a compliment, but I’m moving my head and jamming at the same time.  I like the track.  I might not listen to it ALL the time, but it’s nice.
  9. Thought of You
    1. Clapping this time.  the Chorus isn’t exciting.  The you-whos are okay to say the least but it does border annoying.  Justin is now trying too hard to be gospel / up beat but its not horrible.
  10. Beauty and a Beat (featuring Nicki Minaj)
    1. partying like 3012?  that’s just absurd.  What finer things are you going to be able to show her then than what you can in 2012?  It’s going to take you 1000 years to convince her you’re good enough. “All I need is a beauty and a beat who can make my life complete?”  I mean, it’s cute but just silly.  The bass lines and electronica are annoying especially the popping.  This could have been a better song with it.
    2. Nicki Minaj (2:29) doesn’t make sense until around... yeah never.  Calling Selena, “Selener” to make a rhyme, that’s just silly.  That’s taking it a little too far in my amateur book.
  11.   One Love
    1. quick percussion, warm organ, it’s a dreamer song.  mediocre again, nothing that exciting or different.  gets a little long
  12. Be Alright
    1. I’m starting to get the feeling that I prefer the acoustic songs a lot better.  It’s a ballad and you once again get the opportunity to hear Justin as is.  It’s pleasant and he communicates the lyrics well reassuring me that “everything’s going to alright.” =P
  13. Believe
    1. the title track to the album, this should be it right?!  It’s an admission to Justin’s life and a thank you to all his fans and those that supported his throughout his career.   It’s a great acknowledgement and welcoming.  It fits the bill as a Broadway musical song.  A moving chorus, gospel for the bridge, its definitely a celebration of awesomeness.
  14. Out of Town Girl
    1. I don’t know where the start.  It’s not catchy or exciting.  Almost Ginuwine.  Come in and ride up on it.  My Pony.  Skip it.
  15. She Don’t Like the Lights
    1. the sound of a camera shutter rewinding and shooting over and over.  great... apparently Selena doesn’t like the lights.  stay away and give us some privacy please.  Got it.  She wants the Biebs for herself apparently.
  16. Maria
    1. I love how Justin Bieber calls out his stalker.  Its a little long and by the end, we get the point.  Did she deserver her own track?  Well, I guess that’s her “reward.”  Michael Jackson inspired without question.  You can figure out that one for yourself as it mimics
  17. Love Me Like You Do
    1. Robin Thicke but worse.

I guess you can follow that as the album progressed, I got tired of the album but it does have its highlights if few.  Sure, Justin Bieber is able to compose a full album with only a few fillers and sure his songs are hits.  Luckily, its sprinkled with his talent and I’lll even go as far as saying his guests weren’t needed.   a solid B-