Tantrums = Scientific Data

On the way to Home Depot this morning, I switched on NPR and missed this whole story on Morning Edition. Excited as I was, I made note to search it later and what I found was much more interesting. Did you ever wonder what a child's tantrum consists of or how as a parent or care-taker, one might "solve" the issue? Scientists, Michael Potegal of the University of Minnesota and James A. Green of the University of Connecticut, have gathered a string of data depicting the various vocal expressions that lie within a screaming child. Published in the Emotion journal, their study included recordings of various toddlers coupled with high-sensitive microphones attached to their onesie.

Bottom line; it's quite amazing. Also included are anecdotes on how to deal with tantrums shortening their episodes which always, in my opinion, leads to a much more pleasant atmosphere.

via NPR