Extra Day in NYC!

Adelle: fishing on long island sound is cool. adelle 2, everyone else 0. my delicious 12 lb stripped bass fed 6 people! Elijah: Being stuck in NY for an extra day isn't that bad of a thing especially when you have a great friend who lives in Long Island and a good AMAZING friend who lives in the city. Grabbing some brunch and hanging out with Esther till the last minute worked out. Like I already said, extra time is a good thing! We walked pass the cafe that Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan met in "You've Got Mail," and got to see the top of the Metropolitan Museum.

Next up was taking the Long Island Railroad to Huntington via Penn Station. It's a normal thing these days that I've come to learn over the last five years and upon arrival, we had a good cookout with some of Matt's friends. It's been a long while in the making, but Adelle finally got to hang out with me in Northport which has become one of my favorite little towns. We grabbed some ice cream at Lic's then went to bed early. Matt's family has always been more than hospitable and once again, great hosts!

Up a little late in the morning, we headed down to Northport Harbor and boarded up the Reverence II with Matt's family! Another "event" that I was excited about. Bruce, Barbara, Chris and Matt, along with Adelle and I departed the Harbor and motored to 11B where we waited for the tide to turn. Matt's poles ended up catching 90% of all the fish. Two bass and a couple of blue fish. An exciting day that also included a great breakfast prepared by Matt's mom, Barbara. It was quite on the bay. Maybe a little too quiet as we ate but definitely proving to be very relaxing and enjoyable.

I shot the video on the iPhone 4. Unedited, enjoy it below!

Here's lunchy!