Go Padres!

Preventing a sweep by the Cincinnati Reds, the San Diego Padres, with bases loaded at the bottom of the ninth pulled through! I had that feeling / intuition that they'd do it so I quickly switched my iPhone 4 into video mode and captured it live then immediately uploaded it to twitter & twitvid! And just in case you're wondering, YES...this is worth a blog post!

Adelle and I (Elijah) hold some awesome 2011 Season tickets to the San Diego Padres and will be holding giveaways now and then. If you are interested in purchasing a pair for a particular game, send an email to us@adellelijah.com and we'll get back to you with what we have and don't have left.

Here's a picture of myself, Adelle, Ester and Jeremiah where me and Jeremiah are sitting in the actual seats, Field Reserve, Section 120, Row 17, Seats 8 & 9. It's the section to be in.

Nothing like Baseball Season

For the San Diego Padres, opening the season at St. Louis couldn't have been more exciting! (box score) Great plays by Cameron Maybin / @CamMaybin including an awesome tying Home Run, Nick Hundley with 2 RBIs, and Heath Bell gets the first save of the 2011 season...definitely a great way to start the season. Five runs, eight hits, 11 innings! YEAH...that's what I'm talking about! You even have Albert Pujols going 0-5 and contributing 3 grounders resulting in 3 double plays! How awesome!

Admittedly, adellelijah has some awesome season tickets this year and can't wait for the home opener against the World Champion San Francisco Giants on April 5th. Being in the heart of downtown and only 4 blocks away from Petco Park, it's just too easy to be excited for the year. The Padres are poised to make a big impact this year up from a phenomenal 2010 season and we sure do have high hopes! Here's the replay of Maybin's Home Run as a San Diego Padre! (video link)

Here's to the 2011 season!