Delivering Happiness: A Path to Profits, Passion, and Purpose

Upon initially receiving Tony Hsieh's new book, Delivering Happiness: A Path to Profits, Passion, and Purpose, I was excited that had been given a chance to review a pre-release.  However, it did come along with the simple pre-condition that I write a review, good or bad, but that's what we do!  Even better, has an extra copy to giveaway!  What a way to kickoff a new week for adellelijah! Tony Hsieh blasts right off by giving you a very short and dirty introduction to his success.  Reading the first paragraphs, it is simply amazing to how much he has accomplished in his relatively young life.  Starting around the dot-com era, living through the tech bubble and rising triumphantly, the Zappos CEO believed and persevered.  Following him every step of the way through his journey from his first endeavor as a young teenager to his latest and greatest accomplishment gives wonderful insight to the passion within his entrepreneurial spirit.  With his honest, conversational writing style, Delivering Happiness transforms a stack of bound paper to a dialogue with Tony Hsieh.  In my opinion, he should release an audio book.  It's like reading a book, then watching a movie, then reading the book again; you associate the characters with the actors faces instead of your own.  In this case, you'll be able to actually hear the passion that Tony speaks of.

As he progresses through various projects, one grows with him not only as a reader but as a friend.  Sacrificing his entire material life, to have it pay off in a truly rewarding way and then finding out that it is within passion that true success comes from, makes for a beautiful story.  Fairytale as it may be, happy endings do happen and it is to those that really put forth the extra 10%.  Tony expands that further by saying that improving yourself by 1% on a daily basis, at the end of a year, you can be THAT person; the person you always wanted to be.  Change doesn't happen overnight, but overtime through trials, tribulations, parties and rewards.

Little anecdotes sprinkled throughout the book make it a keeper sure to be with highlights splayed across its pages.  Hints geared to any future CEO or Management Department on how to please it's employees, and take risks by exposing internal flaws coupled with a proven outline on how to create a better company culture make Delivering Happiness an essential guide to those willing to adapt and change for the better.  Personally, I want to take the ideas from his book and introduce them to everyone in the world but even more specifically to those within my industry.  Perhaps Southwest Airlines might have an amazing turnout or perhaps they already have a company wide Culture Book, but I'm willing to bet other airlines would be a little hesitant to go all out and create a Culture Book of their own.  That might explain those successful versus those stuck in between a rock and a merger!

The wonderful 'End Game' Chapter gives you a cut and dry outline to determine the proper steps and ways to maintain a constant stream of happiness.  Through questions and recognition, one is able to set out the final goal and realign his or herself.  True, most persons lie within the garnering aspect of wealth, but those lucky enough to understand the commitment, not only in mind and body, but spirit as well, are the ones who truly rise above.  You could say that Tony has reached this enlightenment or maybe he was born with it.  Read it, you won't regret it!

"...pursue the highest purpose first... - @dhbook p.237"

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