Christmas Tech Setup: Microsoft Xbox 360 Kinect TV Mount Kit by PDP

adellelijah received a spoiling of amazing gifts for Christmas. If you boil it down to the details, Christmas struck early with a new Apple MacBook Air, a Kindle 3 w/ Lighted Red Leather Cover followed by a little more indulgences; a Tiffany Aquamarine Necklace and an Xbox 360 250GB Console with Kinect with a few games.  Staying true to tradition, there was a small unboxing ceremony followed by "the setup." Over the past few years I have stayed away from Microsoft's Xbox 360 as well as Nintendo's Wii and decided to skip Sony's Playstation Move but the Kinect, in my honest opinion kills it!  It's the only reason why I even caved in and because of the Kinect, I had to have review of course.

Adelle and I opened and setup the new Xbox 360 with Kinect at her parents house the night of Christmas Eve because I was eager to play it at home and practice my dance moves.  We enjoyed playing with family and getting everyone to partake in Dance Central sweating off the amazing dinner.  The setup: big open space in their family room connected to their huge Sony Projection 60" television.  It was fun and easy.  Once we headed back to our small 700 square feet apartment, playing on the 46" Samsung 8000 LED television proved to be a little bit of a hassle starting off with the Xbox 360 Kinect TV Mount Kit.  This is where this story begins.

The technical advisor at the Microsoft Store in Fashion Valley told me that I should have the device mounted at a height of 2-6 feet and PDP's solution was what they used on their display out front.   The box even mentions that it fits televisions sized from 27"-60".  Initial setup conclusion...wrong!  Finding the VESA screws holes were easy.  Choosing between the four different screw sizes was easy.  Connecting the appropriate legs together and hooking them up was easy.   Too bad it didn't fit as described.  The legs didn't extend the height of the television so I had to use the top screws and mount it with a large gapping hole at the top which seems like it would perfectly accomodate a normal LCD television.  The entire kit just doesn't seem like that I have an LED television!  I have to say that this solution is a 2/5 stars type setup and for $39.99, it's just a ridiculous price point.  Maybe I'll just make my own?

So far, through the last few days, I have encountered some problems with calibration due to the small play space, but I'll be fine turning it more as the days go on.  If you haven't already tried it out, play some Dance Central!  It'll help you with all that extra holiday weight you put on!