Cuddle Class (brought to you by Air New Zealand)

As the main cabin door of an airliner comes to a close, look around closely. You see passengers either looking out over their seats hoping for that rare chance that they can occupy a space without a middle traveler or crossing their fingers and praying to the gate agent gods that no one comes in between them and a faux first class seat. I, for one, am reduced to hoping for any open seat which usually crowns me as the bearer of bad news to those eager travelers. On December 22nd, after four years of planning, a Boeing 777-300ER with the aircraft registration ZK-OKM, Air New Zealand launched an inaugural flight featuring an amazing reconfiguration of the three seat space. Dubbed "Cuddle Class" and officially known as the Skycouch, the airline offers three redesigned seats creating a space for children to play or a flat surface that acts as a futon for adults to...well...cuddle. Looking at the picture, just imagine a twin size bed for two which is better than sitting upright for more than 14 hours in an uncomfortable postion.

Passengers that are interested in this seating arrangement will have to buy two seats as well as the third middle seat for half the price and for the next 18 months, fly Air New Zealand as they will have exclusive rights to this design. Who wouldn't pay a little extra to have that bed conversion for that long haul, trans pacific flight? Peep the now internet famous two people dreaming away on their flight. What a concept! Now how do I get a flight on this aircraft so I can do a proper review of this amazing product?

Air New Zealand Press Release