To Fly. To Serve

Last year, British Airways released a truly amazing commercial titled "To Fly.  To Serve." Recognizing the sacrifice the early pioneers in aviation made in mapping the skies, it brings to light what us pilots still bear; the truth in leaving their families at home waiting for their return. I can't stop thinking about it ever since I first saw the ad and wanted to share with you the commercial that still gives me goosebumps every time I watch it.  It makes me proud to be a commercial airline pilot and yes, there are days that I need a reminder.  Maybe someday, the prestige will come back, but until then, we have amazing CGI and story telling to keep us at bay.  What are your thoughts on the advertisement?

Silva Limited: Custom Bamboo Macbook Pro Case

Deciding on what case to house your precious $2k investment (+/- $1000) is an agonizing feat. There are so many covers, protectors, bags, totes, backpacks, and sleeves to choose from and somehow, someway, you want to be different all while still being cool right? I think that Silva Ltd. has hit the right note providing the look for the coffee house, walk in the park, I'm cool so come talk to me fit. Check it. Over the last year, the latest thing in materials and manufacturing comes in the form of bamboo. Clean, environmentally friendly and always an eye catcher, bamboo has been formed and fitted to serve as bike frames(Stalk Bamboo Bicycles), iPhone / iPod / iPad cases (Grove Bamboo Cases), and now, Macbook Pro cases brought to you by Silva Ltd.

Albeit on the pricer side at $179.99 for either the 13" or 15" model, the Silva Ltd. case features:

● 100% Solid Carmel Bamboo – CNC machined and hand assembled ● Hand-Crafted Leather Strap – Hand burnished and oiled ● Wool Felt Lined Interior – Protects your Macbook ● Hand Rubbed Finish – Hard, glass-like finish ● FREE Shipping

Looks like a solid, fine piece of Macbook Pro worthiness. The company FAQ offers an extensive set of answers to any questions that you might pose. Check it out and tell us what you think? I know that I've been looking for something to replace my 11 year old Brenthaven bag, and this just may be the ticket!

Kickstarter - Urbanized: A Documentary Film

Here's your chance to support an amazing film by Gary Hustwit as he completes his Design Trilogy with the making of "Urbanized." Currently at 85% of his goal, on Kickstarter, Mr. Hustwit offers a whole array of types of deals ranging from $10 to $5000 for a private screening. Just for a mere $400, you and your company can be listed in Mr. Hustwit's credits under the "Special Thanks" segment which I think is a steal! Check out the video below and support his Kickstarter!

Gary's two other amazing films, Helvetica and Objectified, have received amazing reviews and you too should check them out now. Heck, I'd go for the Blu-ray Design Trilogy which includes the hardcover book and other contents sign by the man himself for a Kickstarter pledge of $125! We have just under 13 days to help the guy out! What's not to love?

Listen to Three Amazing Stories from Steve Jobs

Made public a little while back, I thought that I should share it with you all here on this blog, adellelijah. I have to admit that it is very inspiring and let's face it, I'm a big fan. Steve Jobs speaks really well, holds my attention and is just a force that we should all listen to. Here are a few of my favorite quotes from various parts of the speech I that I want to share:

"Again, you can't connect the dots looking forward; you can only connect them looking backwards." "Sometimes life hits you in the head with a brick. Don't lose faith." "Stay Hungry. Stay Foolish."

There's also this which I take to heart:

"Your work is going to fill a large part of your life, and the only way to be truly satisfied is to do what you believe is great work. And the only way to do great work is to love what you do. If you haven't found it yet, keep looking. Don't settle."

Watch and be truly inspired! Do something that you believe in to be truly amazing today. In its entirety, Steve Jobs' 2005 Stanford Commencement Address also know as the "Stay Hungry. Stay Foolish. Speech"

You can check out the full text of Steve Jobs' Commencement address here.

TED Talks: Patricia Kuhl - The linguistic genius of babies

Babies' brains are "...nothing short of rocket science." Check out what goes on during critical periods of development and the variations of language presented in both English and Japanese. As always, very, very fascinating. Over the next few days, I'll be posting some goodness from the various TED Talks that I've been watching. Back in January, I posted one about getting more sleep and how it equates to success by Arianna Huffington. If you haven't already seen it, check it out as well.

Google Advance Sign-in minus the Key Fob

Have you ever had to carry around an annoying key fob for either World of Warcraft of E*Trade or any other banking site just to complete an authentication process?  It gets annoying and every now and then you might misplace the darn thing.  Google is now making it easier. Since we carry our mobile device almost everywhere and have it on our persons while using "the internet," Google, over the next few days, is rolling out, a chance to sign up for their new 2-step verification.  By activating the feature on your Google Account Settings page, within the security section, every time you sign into your Google account, it will now prompt you for your password followed by an expiring numerical code obtained on your personal mobile phone.  Google will either call you with the code, send you an SMS message or provide you the choice to generate the code for yourself with a mobile application called Google Authenticator on your Android, BlackBerry or iPhone device.

Just it case it gets to be a little too tedious for you, Google has included an easy button / check box toggle to "Remember verification for this computer for 30 days"so that you won't need to re-enter a code... for another 30 days.  Granted it negates the whole 2-step but hey, as long as you keep your phone on ya and your computer free from phishing, you should be good.  It hasn't been included under my settings just yet, but when it does, I'll get right back to you with an update.  For now, download the Google Authenticator for iPhone here at the app store.

via The Official Google Blog

HP Lets Loose...this Summer

Officially announced this morning, the trio that HP promised surfaced as their new HP Veer, HP Pre3 and HP Touchpad; a phone for fun, a phone for business & play and a tablet that touts webOS 3.0. All using the famous touchstone induction charging, these devices are set to hit the street with the Veer in Spring '11 and the latter two, this Summer of 2011. I'm rather disappointed that HP isn't able to capitalize and beat Apple to market with their iPad 2 looming this Spring as well as the potential unveiling of the iPhone 5 in June; It's going to be a tough break and a wasted opportunity at market share. But back to the rundown starting it out with their baby.

The HP Veer is poised as the runt of the trio measuring at 3.25" in height and targeted at the minimalist user clocking in at 800Mhz by Qualcomm's MSM7230 processor. Packed with a full QWERTY keyboard, great e-mailing capability, Quad-band GSM/GPRS/EDGE network with HSDPA 7.2/HSUPA 5.76, the Veer is equipped with a 2.6-inch multitouch screen w/ a "vibrant" 18-bit color, 320x400 resolution. Other features include the now standard 5.0MP camera w/ added video functionality, 8GB of memory and built-in A-GPS.

On the other hand, the HP Pre3 packs a heavier punch with its Qualcomm MSM 8x55 1.4GHz processor, 512MB RAM and 3.58-inch multitouch screen with 24-bit color and a 470x800 WVGA display. Accompanying the 5.0MP is an LED flash and HD (720p) video recording functionality along with a front VGA camera for those interested in conference calling.

The newest kid on the block is of course HPs TouchPad. Taking advantage of Qualcomm's Snapdragon dual-CPU APQ8060 1.2GHz monster, HP has poised this device to take on summer's iPad 2. Running webOS 3.0 alongside a 9.7-inch XGA capacitive, multi-touch screen w/ 18-bit color at 1024x768 resolution, you'll be able to play games, e-mail and video conference using the 1.3-megapixel webcam. Choosing either a 16GB or 32GB model, the TouchPad is packed with Beats Audio which should produce some good quality stereo while posted on the Touchstone dock.

The most exciting revelation comes from the next generation of of Touchstone technology. Tapping the TouchPad with the Pre3, you can share a URL or even receive text messages and answer phone calls. All these technologies are set to make HP standout but already plagued with inconsistency and a unreliable timeline of product releases, it's going to take time and a specific consumer to make a switch or start believing. You can even say that HP is on the same ground of some of America's automobile makers. That's just my take. What's yours?

Digital Books as Apps = Physics Heaven

If you're in the game of writing, authoring and releasing a book within the next year, don't go all 1.0 and turn to iBooks, Amazon or the onslaught of various publishers for some ebook / hardcover / paperback setup.  Check out Push Pop Press! Launching their teaser  site yesterday, Push Pop Press is starting their campaign to transform your book into an experience!  Started by the talented designer, Mike Matas of Apple iOS fame as well as the Delicious Library, and engineers Kimon Tsinteris and Austin Sarner, Push Pop Press is poised the game and is definitely off to a running head start.

Books that let you explore photos, videos, music, maps, and interactive graphics, all through a new physics-based multi-touch user interface.

As you can see from the teaser site and /or image below, the possibilities are amazing with pinch to zoom and in app video rendering.  For a more in depth look and commentary, check out John Gruber and his early testing! // Daring Fireball: Push Pop Press //

Kickstarter: Custom SLR Split Strap

Yet another awesome project to "back" by one of the first guys that we "backed" on Kickstarter by Custom SLR. A great group of SLR enthusiasts putting together another awesome idea for all those hobbyists, professionals and geeks that carry bags. Something so simple as this Split Strap used to string around an expensive camera or laptop. If you've been looking for a replacement for that the crappy one on your laptop bag, gym bag or your european man bag, help these guys out! Who knew that a swivel and a vent could be prove that much utility? Pay close attention though, there are quite a few different Split Straps based on the "backing" level. The first lists at $20 for cameras then the rest are as follows; $22 for laptop bags, $24 for larger duffles, $26 for guitars, $28 for the gliding Split Strap for those SLR enthusiasts, or $30 for the Split Strap arm sling. I know that's a lot of options, but hey, we all have the need for 'em. If you feel like going the distance, pledge $150 and get all the various straps that Custom SLR has to offer. Pictures are embedded throughout the Kickstarter website.

Kickstarter: Vere Sandal Company, USA - 2011 Collection

If you aren't familiar with the idea behind "Kickstarter," get to know them. Behind every good idea, project and dream is the need of funding. With the help of ordinary citizens such as yourselves, you can be your own "Angel Investor" and make these dreams come true. I'm proud to put forth that we have supported two successful funded projects which are just now being shipping and will have pictures and reviews of both. The two were C-Loop - Camera Strap Mount Solution and the now very famous TikTok+LunaTik Multi-Touch Watch Kits. If you want in, you can jump in on this next project whether or not you are thinking about buying a pair of sandals. I mean, why not support these guys and pick up a $25 pair. If you leather, go for the $50 backer! You might just ended up saving a little money and helping a company do it the American way! They are cheaper than most of the elitest brands out there such as Rainbows (which are now made in China rather than San Clemente, CA and even have a good sense of patriotism. Support 'em just as we have at adellelijah. =)

Summary of the Verizon iPhone Announcement

Biggest news is that the Verizon iPhone 4 will double as a WiFi hotspot allowing for 5 devices to connect and use up the 3G CDMA data.  Other than that, normal pricing coming in at $199 for 16GB and $299 for 32GB all coming out on February 10th.  Let the madness begin!

Oh yeah, by the way, if you are already a Verizon Wireless customer, you can pre-order on February 3rd.  No signs of the white iPhone but apparently it will have VZ Navigator and VCast pre-installed.

Another “V” Day for History

Did you take a vacation right after New Year’s and miss out on all the CES news?   If you did, don't worry about it.  However, the biggest news to break out from Las Vegas was nothing that was introduced at the world famous convention but instead trumped its very existence.  More specifically, on Friday afternoon, privileged members of the tech press core, minus one naughty iPhone 4 prototype buying blog, received invitations for a special event in New York with Verizon serving as their host.   A matter of fact, Verizon even held their usual unveiling of products at their CES Press event but completely stayed away from the words iPhone or Apple saving it for a separate day. Insiders privy to this announcement have already drawn conclusions that it will mark the day that Verizon will introduce their version of Apple’s fourth generation iPhone.  Over the last few days, other tidbits have risen about the event.  From data plans said to be remaining “unlimited” at $29.99 a per device combating AT&T recent introduction of tiered data plans and further speculation of what models and whether or not Steve Jobs will show up are floating all over the internet.

Causing various controversy, ranging from Gizmodo’s ban from future Apple press events to the now famous Antennagate scandal, this device is marked to be a breath of fresh air for the iPhone 4.  Not only with the placement of the external antenna but most importantly the capability to take advantage of a network that has yet to experience the deluge of iPhone users and their hormongering data habits.

Questions range from mobile voice and data pricing plans, to Early Termination Fee costs, will the new iPhone have LTE capabilities or come equipped with the standard 3G CDMA technology, will it be capable of simultaneous voice and data and is there something special accompanying the set date of January 11, 2011?  I mean, we've also already read around that the iPhone 4 won't be for sale until the end of the month, so why now?

We’ll all know for sure in less than 12 hours so stay tuned for a summary of today’s exciting event right here on

Cuddle Class (brought to you by Air New Zealand)

As the main cabin door of an airliner comes to a close, look around closely. You see passengers either looking out over their seats hoping for that rare chance that they can occupy a space without a middle traveler or crossing their fingers and praying to the gate agent gods that no one comes in between them and a faux first class seat. I, for one, am reduced to hoping for any open seat which usually crowns me as the bearer of bad news to those eager travelers. On December 22nd, after four years of planning, a Boeing 777-300ER with the aircraft registration ZK-OKM, Air New Zealand launched an inaugural flight featuring an amazing reconfiguration of the three seat space. Dubbed "Cuddle Class" and officially known as the Skycouch, the airline offers three redesigned seats creating a space for children to play or a flat surface that acts as a futon for adults to...well...cuddle. Looking at the picture, just imagine a twin size bed for two which is better than sitting upright for more than 14 hours in an uncomfortable postion.

Passengers that are interested in this seating arrangement will have to buy two seats as well as the third middle seat for half the price and for the next 18 months, fly Air New Zealand as they will have exclusive rights to this design. Who wouldn't pay a little extra to have that bed conversion for that long haul, trans pacific flight? Peep the now internet famous two people dreaming away on their flight. What a concept! Now how do I get a flight on this aircraft so I can do a proper review of this amazing product?

Air New Zealand Press Release

Bing 2.0 + iPhone = Bliss

If you haven't checked out the latest app from Microsoft to hit the iPhone, do so now. It offers multiple app check in goodness but that's not all! First is that it includes Facebook integration but the kicker is Bing Streetside. Straight from the Press Release:

Familiarize yourself with a location before you go, using Bing Streetside. Streetside, a new mapping feature, gives you a multi-street level panorama of a location so you can take a virtual walk through the streets with a view of a location and its landmarks. Slide the street level imagery sideways, and the view of the sidewalk is seamlessly constructed, including an overlay of business listings, street names and store fronts.

Watch the video and try it out for yourself!

Romero Britto + Our Apartment

Roaming Lincoln Road in Miami, Florida, I was guided toward the Romero Britto Art Gallery by non other than the soon to be Dr. Jo-Lawrence Bigcas. After an appetizing meal at Pizza Rustica, we headed over for art appreciation. There were quite a few awesome pieces that caught my eye but one in particular was a "gotta have." I inquired about the "signed poster" and asked if there was an actual piece but with no luck. The signed poster though was framed elegantly and even had hand painted borders. The price was a little steep at $695, but I was close to pulling the really close but I kept my cool and walked out. That piece was actually fit the bill of just getting married and being in love so who knows, I just might...What do you think? It's fun, loving and of course, symbolic of adellelijah! Since then, I've been obsessed. A couple of days later, I was online looking for more Romero Britto works on Amazon and found a collection of posters that I enjoyed just as much. Coincidently, Adelle and I have been wanted to hang a piece of art one on the main walls in our small apartment for a while and I think that this would fit the bill perfectly. I can't wait till it gets in!

And as always, use my links to help support adellelijah's amazon store!

On another note, Adelle and I were treated to a University of Miami Hurricanes Football game and even got on the ESPN highlight reel. Peep the pic!

Barnes & Noble's Color Nook Unveiled

Beating Amazon to the punch, Barnes & Nobles unveiled their holiday answer to the mind blowing $139 black and white Kindle 3G. Powered by Google's Android paired with a laminated (prevents glare) 7" color touchscreen IPS display, WiFi AND Facebook / Twitter integration!? Pre-orders start today and ships on the 19th of November in time for some Thanksgiving Dinner Tech sharing at the the table. Question of the day is: Would you pay $110 extra for some fancy color?

Browse all of the Nook Color's new features here. Or just hit up the main page.

Back To The Mac in 104 Seconds...

If you are in need of a live thesaurus for the awesomeness that Apple is proving to be, check out this video which summarizes the "Back To The Mac" Apple Event last week introducing Mac OS X Lion, iLife '11 and MacBook Air. In other words,"...amazing, jaw-dropping, incredible!"

Introducing the new iPad...err...Samsung Galaxy Tab

What are your takes on the Samsung's Galaxy Tab??? Worthy foe against Apple's iPad or just a copy cat failure? Since we sold our iPad, we're definitely missing it's handiness.

Using a 7" screen, running Google's Android 2.2, weighing in at 13.8 ounces and being marketable as back pocket portable (don't sit on it), it looks pretty bad ass.

Thoughts on Apple's Impromptu Press Conference re: iPhone 4 FAILtenna / Antennagate

People are forgetting that next Tuesday is going to be HUGE!  Why do you think that Apple decided to have a press conference the week before this event?  Since the ongoing issue and media coverage of the iPhone 4's FAILtenna Antennagate, class action lawsuits have been filed, Consumer Reports has gone back and forth in recommending the device and even a Senator had time to write a letter to Steve Jobs addressing the issue (antenne-gate). Free cases for everyone!!! Not just Apple's Bumper but any case that you want from from a list of approved partners. (updated from Mr. Steve G's comment for a more accurate quote....Thanks Steve!) Apply on Apple's Website starting next week.  What are your reactions to how Apple has addressed this issue?    Is that going to quench everyone's thirst?

Here's the video that Steve Jobs and Apple played at the beginning of their press conference. Awesome!!!