Sprint TV now on Sprint iPhone

How does Sprint attract more customers? Make mobile television free!!! Your move AT&T / Verizon. Would I switch carriers with the iPhone 5 coming this summer? Maybe...and only because AT&T hasn't made me happy at all especially since I received a text saying that I'm a top 5% data user? I barely went over 2 gigs and I pay for "unlimited" data! <-- scam (someone sued and won btw)

Sprint customers with iPhone can now watch free live TV and video-on-demand with the Sprint TV App, available now on the App Store. The Sprint TV App, powered by MobiTV, includes free live news and sports, along with shows from popular content brands such as ABC, CBS, NBC, ESPN, The Disney Channel, MTV, Comedy Central and more.

Click here for the FREE APP!

Free App Saturday!

It's amazing how you can think of something you need, search the Apple iOS App Store, and viola -- free for a limited time, I give you the Tabata Timer by Garaio Technology Lab. Hanging out in Miami for a quick two day stint, I found a quick start solution with some WOD (Workout of the Day) strategies. Downloadable and printable in PDF format, Michael Ashcroft maps out a 16 day strategy and I got Jojo to do it up with me. Day 2 was all about Tabata workouts and it always helps with a timer. Download it now!

It does exactly what it states and best of all, it's free!

Why I Love My Gucci Bag

I bought my first Gucci bag as a reward for finishing my NP program.  It was a little preemptive since I have not solidified a nice NP salary, but the bag was to provide inspiration and motivation.  I was always eyeing a good Gucci bag, but with such a big accomplishment behind me, I decided it was time. I needed an over-the-shoulder bag that could fit all my essentials - wallet, iPhone, makeup bag, keys and sunglasses.  Turns out the Gucci travel & business / medium messenger bag fits all that plus an occasional water bottle.  It’s the perfect travel bag because not only can it hold the essentials, it hugs close to your body so it’s secure and on your person at all times.  The lady who sold me the purse told me to use a stain protector all over the fabric part of the bag because dark colors can easily rub off on it.  I listened to her, after I wore a pair of new navy blue pants and got a nice hue of blue on the back side of my bag.  I was able to get the blue out of my bag and immediately grabbed a bottle of Scotch Guard and sprayed my bag accordingly.  Since then, I’ve spilled coffee and Jamba Juice on my bag without any new stains.

Overall, although on the pricey side (it is a designer bag afterall), this is a great bag that is comfortable to wear, fits everything, and gets compliments all the time!

Here's the description pulled straight from the Gucci website:

  • beige/ebony GG fabric with brown leather trim
  • nickel hardware
  • adjustable shoulder strap in green/red/green signature web
  • zip-top closure
  • front flap pocket with magnetic snap closure and inside zip, cell phone and pda pockets
  • 12.6"L x 1.2"W x 10.6"H
  • MSRP: $730

AT&T vs. Sprint iPhone 4S

Here it is, my 32GB White iPhone 4S on AT&T vs. my mother-in-law's 16GB White iPhone 4S on Sprint. The location is San Diego and the video is crappy (so sorry). I rushed this to the internet and will try to upload better quality videos later. This was shot on my Canon S90 in low light.

Testing the new iPhones in San Diego, California, I have two brand new iPhone 4S working on their perspective networks, AT&T and Sprint. Both caches, cookies and histories were erased and I loaded up Briam Lam's The Wirecutter and from there navigated to various parts of the site (MacBook Air Review) as well as load up a link to Jason Snell's MacWorld Review.

HP Lets Loose...this Summer

Officially announced this morning, the trio that HP promised surfaced as their new HP Veer, HP Pre3 and HP Touchpad; a phone for fun, a phone for business & play and a tablet that touts webOS 3.0. All using the famous touchstone induction charging, these devices are set to hit the street with the Veer in Spring '11 and the latter two, this Summer of 2011. I'm rather disappointed that HP isn't able to capitalize and beat Apple to market with their iPad 2 looming this Spring as well as the potential unveiling of the iPhone 5 in June; It's going to be a tough break and a wasted opportunity at market share. But back to the rundown starting it out with their baby.

The HP Veer is poised as the runt of the trio measuring at 3.25" in height and targeted at the minimalist user clocking in at 800Mhz by Qualcomm's MSM7230 processor. Packed with a full QWERTY keyboard, great e-mailing capability, Quad-band GSM/GPRS/EDGE network with HSDPA 7.2/HSUPA 5.76, the Veer is equipped with a 2.6-inch multitouch screen w/ a "vibrant" 18-bit color, 320x400 resolution. Other features include the now standard 5.0MP camera w/ added video functionality, 8GB of memory and built-in A-GPS.

On the other hand, the HP Pre3 packs a heavier punch with its Qualcomm MSM 8x55 1.4GHz processor, 512MB RAM and 3.58-inch multitouch screen with 24-bit color and a 470x800 WVGA display. Accompanying the 5.0MP is an LED flash and HD (720p) video recording functionality along with a front VGA camera for those interested in conference calling.

The newest kid on the block is of course HPs TouchPad. Taking advantage of Qualcomm's Snapdragon dual-CPU APQ8060 1.2GHz monster, HP has poised this device to take on summer's iPad 2. Running webOS 3.0 alongside a 9.7-inch XGA capacitive, multi-touch screen w/ 18-bit color at 1024x768 resolution, you'll be able to play games, e-mail and video conference using the 1.3-megapixel webcam. Choosing either a 16GB or 32GB model, the TouchPad is packed with Beats Audio which should produce some good quality stereo while posted on the Touchstone dock.

The most exciting revelation comes from the next generation of of Touchstone technology. Tapping the TouchPad with the Pre3, you can share a URL or even receive text messages and answer phone calls. All these technologies are set to make HP standout but already plagued with inconsistency and a unreliable timeline of product releases, it's going to take time and a specific consumer to make a switch or start believing. You can even say that HP is on the same ground of some of America's automobile makers. That's just my take. What's yours?

Google Translate for iPhone

It's Tuesday and on the heels of Google's Shopper App comes Google Translate for iPhone.  With all the recent native Google Applications being released for iOS, you'd think that Apple and Google are best buds again.  Maybe it has to do with Eric Schmidt being ousted...I don't know.

The biggest awesome is that you can speak the text and Google will try it's best to translate your phrase or word in 15 different languages.  Then, if you desire, one can play back and hear the desired translation!  Granted it hasn't been setup up for my parents native language, Tagalog, but hey, I'm sure that voice support will come soon.  In the mean time, have at it!

I'll admit that when I speak a certain English sentence, it doesn't capture the exact phrase but it's better than nothing when lost in a foreign land!  What do you plan to use the app for?  Translating that Spanish paper you have to write or ordering sushi?


Translate words and phrases between more than 50 languages using Google Translate for iOS. For most languages, you can speak your phrases and hear the corresponding translations.

With Google Translate you can:

* Translate text between 57 languages * Translate by speaking the text instead of typing it (15 languages) * Listen to your translations spoken aloud (23 languages) * Display translations in full screen mode to make it easier for others nearby to read * Star your favorite translations for quick access even when you’re offline * Access your translation history even when you’re offline * Spell out the translation of non-Latin script languages (e.g. Chinese, Japanese, etc..) in Latin characters to read it phonetically (e.g. Pinyin, Romaji) * View additional dictionary results for single words or short phrases

Translations between the following languages are supported:

Afrikaans, Albanian, Armenian, Azerbaijani, Arabic, Basque, Belarusian, Bulgarian, Catalan, Chinese (Simplified), Chinese (Traditional), Croatian, Czech, Danish, Dutch, English, Estonian, Filipino, Finnish, French, Galician, Georgian, German, Greek, Haitian Creole, Hebrew, Hindi, Hungarian, Icelandic, Indonesian, Italian, Irish, Japanese, Korean, Latvian, Lithuanian, Macedonian, Malay, Maltese, Norwegian, Persian, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Russian, Serbian, Slovak, Slovenian, Spanish, Swahili, Swedish, Thai, Turkish, Ukrainian, Urdu, Vietnamese, Welsh, Yiddish

Digital Books as Apps = Physics Heaven

If you're in the game of writing, authoring and releasing a book within the next year, don't go all 1.0 and turn to iBooks, Amazon or the onslaught of various publishers for some ebook / hardcover / paperback setup.  Check out Push Pop Press! Launching their teaser  site yesterday, Push Pop Press is starting their campaign to transform your book into an experience!  Started by the talented designer, Mike Matas of Apple iOS fame as well as the Delicious Library, and engineers Kimon Tsinteris and Austin Sarner, Push Pop Press is poised the game and is definitely off to a running head start.

Books that let you explore photos, videos, music, maps, and interactive graphics, all through a new physics-based multi-touch user interface.

As you can see from the teaser site and /or image below, the possibilities are amazing with pinch to zoom and in app video rendering.  For a more in depth look and commentary, check out John Gruber and his early testing! // Daring Fireball: Push Pop Press //

Summary of the Verizon iPhone Announcement

Biggest news is that the Verizon iPhone 4 will double as a WiFi hotspot allowing for 5 devices to connect and use up the 3G CDMA data.  Other than that, normal pricing coming in at $199 for 16GB and $299 for 32GB all coming out on February 10th.  Let the madness begin!

Oh yeah, by the way, if you are already a Verizon Wireless customer, you can pre-order on February 3rd.  No signs of the white iPhone but apparently it will have VZ Navigator and VCast pre-installed.

Migrating from AT&T to Verizon? What it'll take...

To start, it just so happens that Adelle had her iPhone 4 ripped off from her while walking through the Atlanta Airport. Since then, she has reverted back to a hand me down / kindly donated Blackberry Curve suffering various withdrawls from using an aged handheld. It hasn't been pretty and it hurts me to see her not be able to play Words with Friends or check Facebook and Twitter every moment she gets. Being a "valued customer," AT&T is offering us the lower price of $399 to replace the stolen iPhone the stolen iPhone 4 but I keep on coercing her to wait until Verizon's unveiling. Hesitantly, she has agreed and now the question comes to, "Will it be worth it...what it will take and why?" Back in July, when AT&T and Apple announced the iPhone 4, many owners of the Apple iPhone 3G found themselves at a crossroad. Do I upgrade to Apple's new God phone and deal with the crappy service for 2 more years praying that it will improve or just wait till next year when Verizon and Apple announce they've copulated. I made the decision to just dive in and stick it out because honestly, the iPhone 3G experience was just getting to be awful, irritating and frustrating. Buying everything in twos, one for me and one for my significant other, I bought two new iPhone 4s online, renewed our awesome unlimited data contract which by the way still costs an arm and a leg, sold the previous models at a price that paid off the upgrade and have been feeling good ever since. Win-win right?

The experience with the phone was tremendously better but the overall network experience was still (is) lacking. With the looming prospect of a better network, I set out thinking of the economic costs. Currently, we both have unlimited data plans under AT&T which is worth the figurative bird in the hand. If I were to terminate in next February (that's about 8 months proration at $13.54/mo = $108 from the $325 gets me to about $217 for each contract), I'm guessing I can sell my iPhone 4 32GB for around $400 canceling the ETF and then I'm out of pocket another $199 x 2 plus whatever Verizon offers on their plans. Simple math, not much of a hassle and I'd assume that I'd be happier on the new network.

But what will it take? If Verizon has an unlimited data plan for iPhones, I'm in. If they are somewhat more affordable / cheaper and unlimited...I'm in. Shoot, if they pay my ETF, I'm in. I'm willing to forgo the crappy AT&T service and will even help others switch, scouts honors, but for now, we haven't seen any changes or any kind of caving in from the big V. Instead, all we have seen is their continued arrogance in being the the best and now the Rules the Airwaves Campaign? Pure crap I say. Trust me. No Droid phone or campaign you have released has wanted me to change. Its all been for naught when trying to lure others away.

If Verizon wants to capitalize on this earthquake announcement and take in the massive tsunami wave of customers who are eagerly willing to sign away their lives and wallets for two years, they can take advantage of it but the time is NOW! If I was a shareholder, I'd be bothering Mr. CEO and texting him non-stop. The bottom line is, by offering something that current unhappy AT&T iPhone customers want, we will migrate! SO DO IT ALREADY!

Just my usual rant, but hey, I'm just saying. Happy weekend!

Bing 2.0 + iPhone = Bliss

If you haven't checked out the latest app from Microsoft to hit the iPhone, do so now. It offers multiple app check in goodness but that's not all! First is that it includes Facebook integration but the kicker is Bing Streetside. Straight from the Press Release:

Familiarize yourself with a location before you go, using Bing Streetside. Streetside, a new mapping feature, gives you a multi-street level panorama of a location so you can take a virtual walk through the streets with a view of a location and its landmarks. Slide the street level imagery sideways, and the view of the sidewalk is seamlessly constructed, including an overlay of business listings, street names and store fronts.

Watch the video and try it out for yourself!

Netflix iOS goodness

Netflix Logo I've been using the new Netflix iOS application on my iPhone for a couple weeks now. Initially released on Thursday, August 28, 2010.  This is a wonderful addition to my already growing application library on my iPhone. This app allows you to access the Netflix Instant Streaming library of Movies, TV Shows, and Documentaries .

Cost of the App:

The Netflix iOS application is available for iPhone and iPod touch in the App Store for free. Who doesn't like free? I also have a Slingbox. To access it, via my iPhone,  I needed to purchase the SlingPlayer Mobile app ($29.99 USD) plus the cost of the Slingbox device.  When looking at how much a somewhat similar application costs to access a device you had already purchased, free is a great move by Netflix. This allows more people who do not have a Netflix account consider joining.

Netflix :

To access the content, you will need to have a Netflix account. The most basic Netflix account allows you access to 1 DVD out at-a-time and unlimited instant access for $8.99 USD per Month. Don't bother with the Limited account, you won't have access to the instant streaming library.

I've been a Netflix member for a while now and I have to say the online library gets better with each week. There have been recent agreements with studios that allow their content to be streamed online increasing the quality of the content avoidable to users.


I've had the pleasure of using the app for a couple weeks now. I've tried it out on both by home wireless network and the AT&T 3G network. I have to say, it works well. The online content streams at a resolution of 480 x 360. On my iPhone 3Gs this looks great. I can notice some jagged edges, but the normal everyday user won't see those imperfections. On a mobile device, watching online content in HD resolution is a waste. It would cause a lot more bandwidth to stream the content and the mobile device size wouldn't do it justice. The only other reason to upscale the resolution would be to connect your iPhone to a TV.

Netflix iOS Application - Home

The interface is rather easy to use. The layout is simple which is good. When you start the application, you are brought to the Home menu which displays Netflix's categorized recommendation to you. If you don't want to view those recommendations there is a option to browse via Genre. If you are looking for something specific, there is a Search option available.  You also have access to your pre-existing Instant Queue. All of these feature work as they well as they should. The only improvement I would recommend to Netflix is to add the functionality of using the horizontal on screen keyboard instead of slaving me to making spelling errors with the vertical one.

Pushing Daisies Title

I've been using the Pushing Daisies: Season 1 content as my test for this application. Using my home WiFi connection, the content load quickly and streams well. I also turn off my WiFi connection on my iPhone and do see a slight degradation in quality of the picture, but not enough to lessen my enjoyment. It's so insignificant that a normal person wouldn't see it. So big kudos to Netflix for the online content on the iPhone. The only issue that have is with switching from WiFi to 3G on the same episode. When I stopped the playback and changed to the 3G network, the app seams to have an issue with picking up where it left off. Sometimes it's able to correct itself, but often I'm having to start the show over again.

One last warning. If you already have a Netflix account and have several Netflix approved streaming devices (PS3, XBOX, Roku, Approved TV... etc.) you want to make sure you haven't reached your limit. Netflix allows for 6 devices to stream online content. Using your preferred browser counts as a streaming device. I was surprised to find out that when I added my iPhone I maxed out and was not able to watch the online content from my browser unless I removed one of the devices from my profile.


I would recommend this app to anyone who has an iPhone and unlimited data plan. If you don't have unlimited data, you don't want to be wasting your data minutes on watching movies at work, on the bus, or on the train.  Go out there and get it! Watch some good movies on your iPhone and recommend some to me.

Additional Links:

Netflix: http://www.netflix.com/?

Official Netflix Blog: http://blog.netflix.com/2010/08/netflix-now-available-on-your-iphone.html

Sling Media: http://slingmedia.com/

Thoughts on Apple's Impromptu Press Conference re: iPhone 4 FAILtenna / Antennagate

People are forgetting that next Tuesday is going to be HUGE!  Why do you think that Apple decided to have a press conference the week before this event?  Since the ongoing issue and media coverage of the iPhone 4's FAILtenna Antennagate, class action lawsuits have been filed, Consumer Reports has gone back and forth in recommending the device and even a Senator had time to write a letter to Steve Jobs addressing the issue (antenne-gate). Free cases for everyone!!! Not just Apple's Bumper but any case that you want from from a list of approved partners. (updated from Mr. Steve G's comment for a more accurate quote....Thanks Steve!) Apply on Apple's Website starting next week.  What are your reactions to how Apple has addressed this issue?    Is that going to quench everyone's thirst?

Here's the video that Steve Jobs and Apple played at the beginning of their press conference. Awesome!!!

Apple knew this but we didn't care either

When did people ever care more about functionality than design; is your iPhone 4 completely useless because of it?  No.  The consumer public has been aware of this issue the last few weeks but are still flocking to Apple stores in droves to purchase the new iPhone 4.  Some of us (females) wear the most ridiculous and uncomfortable shoes sometimes just to look good so that's the same idea right?  We have seen people complaining left and right about the loss of reception under the "Death Grip" but I can't say that I've actually experienced it myself nor have I encountered an individual that is holding out for this very reason.  My fiance hasn't complained much about reception issues greater than her negative AT&T coverage on the previous iPhone 3G, but then again, we both have Apple's Bumpers as our solution to protection.  We're enjoying FaceTime moments and it couldn't have been done without Apple's new iPhone 4.  It also became law this past year that you need a handsfree device to talk in the car, and in other states, you cannot text while driving which might cover browsing the internet and reading up on your tweets.  So what's the big deal?  Put the phone down already while talking. This post is a response to this morning's Bloomberg's article which unleashed a storm startling us out of bed with the inside scoop that one of Apple's senior antenna experts, Ruben Caballero, warned Steve Jobs about how the innovative antenna design might lead to dropped calls.  We all know what the final outcome led to; one of the most beautiful devices on the planet hands-down. Now it's under fire.  Apple's image is under fire being compared to Toyota's recall debacle.  Apple's stock has taken a 9% dive since it's record breaking all time high of $274 and the world doesn't know what to do.  So Apple is finally dealing with this issue.  Stay tuned for tomorrow's event at 10am Pacific Time.  Will Steve Jobs be around?

In the meantime, how do you hold your phone?  Here's how I hold mine

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Update: Apple's online store is showing shipping times of 3 weeks from today.  Does this mean a hardware change is in place in their China factories?

The Question: To Buy or Not To Buy, the iPhone 4 - Part 1: Hardware

Here's the article about my internal debate with trying to buy into the Apple's new iPhone 4.  Elijah has been pestering me for a while to start writing for his site; I guess persistence is the key, because here I am writing my first article. Readers: please be gentle with me, it's my first time.

I have a few hesitations with just going to the store and demanding the new iPhone 4, ignoring the fact that I wouldn't be able to do that with the inventory shortages.  So here we go with Part 1: Hardware.

#1: Hardware

I've read enough articles on Gizmodo, Engadget and various other Tech Blogs to know that that the guts of the new iPhone are better than the 3Gs, but I'm still not impressed by it.

-Camera -

Lets start with the 5.0 mega-pixel camera. I know that I should be excited about this, but it feels like we're adding something to the iPhone that probably should of be replaced by some better devices features. When I think of the all the additional mega-pixels that I can add to my sub-par photography skills, it seems like a waste because these pictures will be posted to  Facebook in all its glorious 530x660 maximum resolution. See, with Facebook albums, you are only looking at that small picture. At that resolution, I can't tell the difference if the picture was taken with a 5.0 Mega-pixel iPhone 4 or a 3.0 Mega-pixel 3Gs. Moving away from Facebook, what would I do with those high resolution pictures? Nothing. When I get an urge to look back at pictures of all the fun times I've had, I look at the pictures online to never print them out on a photo printer or edit it in Photoshop. Again, what would I need all those mega-pixels for?

I'm a normal every day user. It seems to me that an internal projector or an actual zoom lenses should of been added to it. Think of the implications of having a projector available to you. Imagine that you are in a meeting and you have a PowerPoint that you want to show the return on investments for your project. Awesome, you just made your company a ton of money using your iPhone. Getting back to the camera, if you have a physical zoom lenses then those pictures would make more sense to me. I hate trying to pinch-zoom for a software zoom on your picture. It seems like cheating and not a good idea in the long run.


There are a lot of articles and videos documenting the iPhone 4 FAILtenna.  Documenting my frustrations with this would be like shooting fish in a barrel, therefore, I'm not going to get into details about it.  I like the idea of integrating the antenna into the chassis of the device thus adding more space to implement more tech particularly the larger battery.  I just don't get how it made it through QA without someone noticing the "Death Grip feature."  Maybe that's exactly what it is, an undocumented feature.  This could be a new game that was installed with the phone so you don't have to purchase anything though the iTunes Apps Store.  Just knowing that this is still a known issue that's probably software related, creates doubt in my mind about buying a new iPhone.  In the videos that I've seen, that's exactly how I normally grip my phone if I'm looking up something on the go. So this brings me to my next subject, chassis because the workaround for the FAILtenna is put a rubber band around your iPhone so you don't complete the circuit between the WiFi and Cell antennas.


I like the look of the new iPhone 4, but I'm pretty rough on my phones so an all glass enclosure scares me.  I normally carry my phone in my back pocket because I've grown out of wanting to clip my phone to my belt like it was a Peace Maker and I'm about to get into a gunfight at the O.K. Coral.  I know that I could buy a case to protect it, but isn't that deterring from all the time the designers and engineers spent on developing such a nice looking chassis?  That would be like saying the Venus de Milo is a great piece of art, but since it's no longer structurally sound, we're going to spray it with a layer of rubber around it so that it doesn't further deteriorate.  It's just cheating.  I'll admit, I have a case for my 3GS so, I'm not stranger to cases but that's to cover a metal backing that get scratched up, not a "unbreakable" glass backing.

Bottom line, I still have hesitations about the Apple's new iPhone 4.  I probably will buy one, eventually, but these are some of the things that I think about.  Sorry about the random string of thoughts but it's my first blog.  More to come so stay tuned and keep reading adellelijah!

Hello adellelijah and Hello apple

Greetings readers! This is my first post on adellelijah so I thought that I would kick it off with the fact that Apple is going to address their "FAILtenna" this Friday, June 16th, at 10:00am Pacific Time.

I can't say that I know what they will have to say but I'm leaning towards the fact that iOS 4.1 is addressing the over exaggeration of reception bars and maybe...just maybe...FREE BUMPERS FOR EVERYONE!!!  Since this is my first post and the news isn't really anything more than just an announcement, I'll leave it at that.  Stay tuned for my ongoing internal debate with trying to buy into Apple's new iPhone 4.

The Current State of Apple's iPhone 4

Warning: I get blunt near the end.

Since the release of the iPhone 4, there has been a plethora of praise and negativity culminating in today's repeal of Consumer Reports recommendation of Apple's latest device due to possible interference and degradation of reception.  On July 2nd, Apple released a Press Report addressing this issue found here upon multiple complaints and initial reports of loss of reception.  Consumer Reports demonstrates the loss of reception when the iPhone 4 is held a particular way in this video below.  Mind you, there are multiple YouTube videos that also demonstrate this but there are also fellow tech bloggers that aren't reporting this issue.

During the first week of the iPhone 4's release, Techworld posted an article how an early adopter figured out a way to "improve" and prevent interference with the addition of scotch tape to the bottom left side of the the critically flawed device.  Since then, multiple lawsuits have been filed, a class action suit has been submitted, and random people and friends are inquiring me asking if I'm experiencing the issue.  (list of lawsuits via @Gizmodo)

Bottom line:  AT&T has always been terrible.  I was always using my iPhone 3G on Edge to save battery coupled with the face that the 3G service was horrible.  I've always had Apple's Bumper on my iPhone 4 since day 2 of ownership and cannot specifically admit that I've experienced this issue.  Sincerely, it's not any worse than my two year ownership of the iPhone 3G.  In fact, I'm loving my iPhone 4 which allows me to do SO much more.  Yes, I'm an early adopter, I love Apple Products but I'm not going to be a little bitch and complain about something that a simple a fix can't solve.  Everyone needs to get over the flawed American Mentality of suing companies for "flawed" products and just don't buy the damn thing.  It's not flawed!  How can it be when 1.7 million people bought the damn thing in the first 3 days! (Apple's PR)

Grow a pair, leave AT&T, dump the iPhone 4 and get an Evo already.  Because of the Apple and the success of their iPhones, I was able to sell my two previous versions (1 black iPhone 3G 8GB and 1 white iPhone 3G 16GB) almost paying for the new phones!  It's ingenious that their hold a certain value on the used market which makes me a happy consumer.  Yeah there might be an asterisk and for some unknown reason when Apple was beta testing the design they missed this detail, but come on, the iPhone 4 is awesome!

Pre-Ordering the iPhone 4 = BIG ONLINE APPLE STORE FAIL

Waking up to a phone call from my fiance in San Diego while I was sound asleep in a hotel in Charleston, South Carolina, she informed me that her friend had successfully pre-ordered the newest Apple iPhone; the iPhone 4. I got out of bed admittedly a little excited but fretting the next few minutes (what would turn out to be hours) anticipating the horror and onslaught that the process would be. I was right to suspect that many others would be trying to do the same and lock in an iPhone but now, not only do I despise Apple more so but AT&T as well including this "pre-ordering" process. To make my story short, three hours later, I successfully added an iPhone 4 to my cart, then went back to add another one for the 2nd line on my account. Of course, I was told, when ready to check out, that my shopping cart had too many iPhones! I only had two freaking iPhones! Why didn't you tell me two hours ago that I could only order one?! So basically, after all that, I was no where. Two hours later, I get back to my cart, removed one of the iPhones, placed the order and was forced to repeat the same excruciating experience!

Refresh after refresh, checking eligibility after eligibility, processing on AT&T's servers inundated with multiple failures, I'm going to say that this experience was the biggest failure in online pre-ordering history. If you're going to make an annoucement that pre-orders will begin on the 15th of June, then man **** up and expand your services in anticipation! I better not see some stupid Press Release announcing that they servers were over loaded and they did not anticipate the overwhelming response. That's just going to be another crappy PR Stunt.

Condensed time line:

6:00AM - get up and start trying to pre-order the Apple iPhone 4 (excitement)

6:01AM - the store is down (excited still)

6:20AM - I've been refreshing the screen on Chrome, Safari, and Firefox noticing that Google's Chrome is giving me faster results.

6:30AM - I see that I'm able to actually click the shiny blue pre-order button.

7:30AM - frustrated after multiple attempts to proceed to the next step, I lay back down

7:42AM - I get up again and start the process over

7:50AM - trying to get AT&T the verify that I qualify for the "discounted" price by inputting my phone number, billing zip code and social security number then hit continue.

7:51AM - I think I'm there....but the process fails while authenticating on AT&T side.

7:52AM - I have to start the stupid process again.

8:30AM - I'm pissed!!!

8:45AM - the last freaking thing I want to see a website display is "Oops?!" WTH

8:51AM - You tell me that I can't have it shipping and I have to pick it up!? Do not pass go and try again.

9:15AM - I was successful in pre-ordering 1 iPhone 4 but still have 1 to go

9:50AM - I decide to write this post and vent my frustration! And, no I still have not been able to get pass the processing part.

Throughout this whole time, I'm seeing the Apple Online Store go up then down then up again while noticing that the store address is changing / continually evolving.

First from: http://store.apple.com/us/go/iphone4 then: https://buyiphone.apple.com Good for apple but just a little too late!

Final Thoughts: Standing in line at the Apple store isn't nearly as frustrating but actually fun!?