Withings Smart Baby Monitor

Temperature and humidty monitor, high resolution video with night time mode, 4x zoom, pan & tilt camera, active sound warnings, two way microphones so that you can talk or sing to you baby, and even an interactive color changing night light!!!  Withings has introduced a truly amazing "MacGuyver" monitor but I'll admit, $299 isn't that peachy. It actually puts it at the top of the baby monitors in terms of price. Yes you can argue that this feature set is second to none, but let me ask, are you willing to pay for this? I want to think that I am, but it's not the spontaneous purchase that I thought it would be. At $199, I'm all in! Peep the sample video below and tell me what you think.

There is one disturbing feature that I read on the Withings website though and it talks about the ability to monitor outside the network. It beings up the question, are you streaming to their server? Why would I have to pay to connect to my home network? Here's the exact text below.

The Smart Baby Monitor allows you to monitor your baby everywhere with an unlimited range and for an unlimited time. When you are outisde of home Wi-Fi network, audio/video streaming is free for 15 minutes a day. We propose services upgrades so that you can buy 100 minutes of audio/video streaming for 4.99 euros (in-app purchase by Apple).

Why I Love My Gucci Bag

I bought my first Gucci bag as a reward for finishing my NP program.  It was a little preemptive since I have not solidified a nice NP salary, but the bag was to provide inspiration and motivation.  I was always eyeing a good Gucci bag, but with such a big accomplishment behind me, I decided it was time. I needed an over-the-shoulder bag that could fit all my essentials - wallet, iPhone, makeup bag, keys and sunglasses.  Turns out the Gucci travel & business / medium messenger bag fits all that plus an occasional water bottle.  It’s the perfect travel bag because not only can it hold the essentials, it hugs close to your body so it’s secure and on your person at all times.  The lady who sold me the purse told me to use a stain protector all over the fabric part of the bag because dark colors can easily rub off on it.  I listened to her, after I wore a pair of new navy blue pants and got a nice hue of blue on the back side of my bag.  I was able to get the blue out of my bag and immediately grabbed a bottle of Scotch Guard and sprayed my bag accordingly.  Since then, I’ve spilled coffee and Jamba Juice on my bag without any new stains.

Overall, although on the pricey side (it is a designer bag afterall), this is a great bag that is comfortable to wear, fits everything, and gets compliments all the time!

Here's the description pulled straight from the Gucci website:

  • beige/ebony GG fabric with brown leather trim
  • nickel hardware
  • adjustable shoulder strap in green/red/green signature web
  • zip-top closure
  • front flap pocket with magnetic snap closure and inside zip, cell phone and pda pockets
  • 12.6"L x 1.2"W x 10.6"H
  • MSRP: $730

How do you wake up?!

Most people, read: myself and my wife, have annoying ring tones or music that helps us wake up in the morning. Of course, with that annoying tone comes the dragging of feet and impolite curses, but it's all in a morning right? We'll call it the rude awakening.

Now, with this new "Acoustic Alarm by Jamie McMahon," you can set the tone and have it strum back to reality. Check out the video below! You can also check out Jamie McMahon's website here.

the Legendary White iPhone 4 Case Giveaway

After nine excruciating months, Apple has finally gotten the right mix of materials in order and has released the once mythological, almost classified as vaporware, white iPhone 4! To think that I almost waited this long for the white version?! Yes, I still want the white iPhone 4 so I'm also willing to say that I'll trade anyone with buyers remorse for my 32GB black iPhone 4 so just drop me a line but back to the facts. Selling for the same price as the black iPhone 4, you'll get the same device albeit with some minor changes to the proximity sensor as well as a purported minor increase in thickness?! Although not mentioned or re-specified by Apple, these new white Apple iPhone 4s should fit all cases alike and in celebration, we're going to give away two brand new awesome iPhone 4 cases!

From left to right, check out the Scosche bandEDGE g4 or the Casemate Horizontal Hipster with Black Lining both made for the iPhone 4 GSM. I believe that they should also fit the Verizon / CDMA variant but unfortunately, I cannot guarantee that it will. Any who, why not just enter cause it's a freaking free giveaway?

No you don't have to own the white iPhone 4 to be elegible or even own an iPhone 4. All you have to do to enter is to tweet this website and mention the giveaway, leave a comment or post / writing a blog that leads back to this post. If you do all three, you receive three entries! (I loved the method that Ray Maker uses on his DCRainMaker Blog that I thought I'd incorporate the same methodology so here it is!) Just make sure to tell me how how many entries you've entered in the comments below and I'll be sure to give you all the credit. Entires are required to be in by Saturday May 7th, 2011 at 11:59PM Pacific and goodluck!

Kickstarter: Vere Sandal Company, USA - 2011 Collection

If you aren't familiar with the idea behind "Kickstarter," get to know them. Behind every good idea, project and dream is the need of funding. With the help of ordinary citizens such as yourselves, you can be your own "Angel Investor" and make these dreams come true. I'm proud to put forth that we have supported two successful funded projects which are just now being shipping and will have pictures and reviews of both. The two were C-Loop - Camera Strap Mount Solution and the now very famous TikTok+LunaTik Multi-Touch Watch Kits. If you want in, you can jump in on this next project whether or not you are thinking about buying a pair of sandals. I mean, why not support these guys and pick up a $25 pair. If you leather, go for the $50 backer! You might just ended up saving a little money and helping a company do it the American way! They are cheaper than most of the elitest brands out there such as Rainbows (which are now made in China rather than San Clemente, CA and even have a good sense of patriotism. Support 'em just as we have at adellelijah. =)

Romero Britto + Our Apartment

Roaming Lincoln Road in Miami, Florida, I was guided toward the Romero Britto Art Gallery by non other than the soon to be Dr. Jo-Lawrence Bigcas. After an appetizing meal at Pizza Rustica, we headed over for art appreciation. There were quite a few awesome pieces that caught my eye but one in particular was a "gotta have." I inquired about the "signed poster" and asked if there was an actual piece but with no luck. The signed poster though was framed elegantly and even had hand painted borders. The price was a little steep at $695, but I was close to pulling the trigger...like really close but I kept my cool and walked out. That piece was actually fit the bill of just getting married and being in love so who knows, I just might...What do you think? It's fun, loving and of course, symbolic of adellelijah! Since then, I've been obsessed. A couple of days later, I was online looking for more Romero Britto works on Amazon and found a collection of posters that I enjoyed just as much. Coincidently, Adelle and I have been wanted to hang a piece of art one on the main walls in our small apartment for a while and I think that this would fit the bill perfectly. I can't wait till it gets in!

And as always, use my links to help support adellelijah's amazon store!

On another note, Adelle and I were treated to a University of Miami Hurricanes Football game and even got on the ESPN highlight reel. Peep the pic!

Coo Coo for Coconut Water

While on GTalk with Elijah last week we were joking about a long night out combined with his fatigue from a Sprint Triathlon which lead to a painful in-flight headache and water wasn't helping with his dehydration. I mentioned that he should of taken some Coconut Water because it was better than a bottle of Gatorade since it had more electrolytes. Then I made a joke about what plants crave from the Mike Judge movie Idiocracy, which he didn't get.. I've been wondering about the health benefits of Coconut Water for a while. I was first introduced to it by a friend who swears by it for those long nights drinking; one before and one after. I'm pretty much a Gatorade or Water person to relive the day after pains of my self induced liver poisoning. I tried a sip once, and haven't given it much thought since then.

Without getting into a lot of details about what's in Coconut water, the main benefits are the high mineral contents; specifically potassium. These mineral levels equate to higher amounts of electrolytes than most sports drinks. The potassium levels are twice the amount you would get from eating a single banana.

Why is high potassium important? Well Sodium and Potassium are both alkaline metals and are very close in the Periodic table. By taking in Sodium or Potassium this allows our bodies to move water through our systems faster also it helps with muscle contractions. So science tells me that Coconut Water has the advantage over a Gatorade or Water. Great!

I began to wonder what other applications Coconut Water could have other than the cure for a common hangover. I thought I was onto an untapped resource. Since Coconut Water could be used to help rehydrate, then drinking it on a plane would be perfect. I don't know about most people, but being in the conditioned environment makes me dehydrated. So I proposed that we should work on getting Coconut Water into airports and airplanes.

I was already too late to collect my genius money. Vita Coco and JetBlue started serving Coconut Water to passengers back in 2009. A day late and a dollar short on that idea. This hasn't stopped me, I'm on a mission to buy some to give Coconut Water an honest try and see what else it should be marketed for. I don't know if they're pushing it enough as a sports drink substitute. I think I'm going to pack a few away for my long flight to New Zealand in November.

Update: After writing this article. I spend and afternoon golfing and an evening drinking at one of my favorite dive bars which lead me to become dehydrated. I tried to find some Coconut Water at my local Vons. They did not have any available. I'm beginning to wonder how well companies are doing with their ad campaigns against traditional sports drinks. Do I have to go to an Asian Market to get some?

Additional Links:

Vita Coco - http://www.vitacoco.com/#/home/

JetBlue - http://www.jetblue.com/

Coconut Water - http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Coconut_water

Potassium  - http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Potassium

Complimentary Vita Coco Available on JetBlue Airways This Fall, AOL Daily Finance - http://www.dailyfinance.com/rtn/pr/complimentary-vita-coco-available-on-jetblue-airways-this-fall/rfid363042278/?channel=pf

Idiocracy - http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0387808/

Pre-Ordering the iPhone 4 = BIG ONLINE APPLE STORE FAIL

Waking up to a phone call from my fiance in San Diego while I was sound asleep in a hotel in Charleston, South Carolina, she informed me that her friend had successfully pre-ordered the newest Apple iPhone; the iPhone 4. I got out of bed admittedly a little excited but fretting the next few minutes (what would turn out to be hours) anticipating the horror and onslaught that the process would be. I was right to suspect that many others would be trying to do the same and lock in an iPhone but now, not only do I despise Apple more so but AT&T as well including this "pre-ordering" process. To make my story short, three hours later, I successfully added an iPhone 4 to my cart, then went back to add another one for the 2nd line on my account. Of course, I was told, when ready to check out, that my shopping cart had too many iPhones! I only had two freaking iPhones! Why didn't you tell me two hours ago that I could only order one?! So basically, after all that, I was no where. Two hours later, I get back to my cart, removed one of the iPhones, placed the order and was forced to repeat the same excruciating experience!

Refresh after refresh, checking eligibility after eligibility, processing on AT&T's servers inundated with multiple failures, I'm going to say that this experience was the biggest failure in online pre-ordering history. If you're going to make an annoucement that pre-orders will begin on the 15th of June, then man **** up and expand your services in anticipation! I better not see some stupid Press Release announcing that they servers were over loaded and they did not anticipate the overwhelming response. That's just going to be another crappy PR Stunt.

Condensed time line:

6:00AM - get up and start trying to pre-order the Apple iPhone 4 (excitement)

6:01AM - the store is down (excited still)

6:20AM - I've been refreshing the screen on Chrome, Safari, and Firefox noticing that Google's Chrome is giving me faster results.

6:30AM - I see that I'm able to actually click the shiny blue pre-order button.

7:30AM - frustrated after multiple attempts to proceed to the next step, I lay back down

7:42AM - I get up again and start the process over

7:50AM - trying to get AT&T the verify that I qualify for the "discounted" price by inputting my phone number, billing zip code and social security number then hit continue.

7:51AM - I think I'm there....but the process fails while authenticating on AT&T side.

7:52AM - I have to start the stupid process again.

8:30AM - I'm pissed!!!

8:45AM - the last freaking thing I want to see a website display is "Oops?!" WTH

8:51AM - You tell me that I can't have it shipping and I have to pick it up!? Do not pass go and try again.

9:15AM - I was successful in pre-ordering 1 iPhone 4 but still have 1 to go

9:50AM - I decide to write this post and vent my frustration! And, no I still have not been able to get pass the processing part.

Throughout this whole time, I'm seeing the Apple Online Store go up then down then up again while noticing that the store address is changing / continually evolving.

First from: http://store.apple.com/us/go/iphone4 then: https://buyiphone.apple.com Good for apple but just a little too late!

Final Thoughts: Standing in line at the Apple store isn't nearly as frustrating but actually fun!?