Romero Britto + Our Apartment

Roaming Lincoln Road in Miami, Florida, I was guided toward the Romero Britto Art Gallery by non other than the soon to be Dr. Jo-Lawrence Bigcas. After an appetizing meal at Pizza Rustica, we headed over for art appreciation. There were quite a few awesome pieces that caught my eye but one in particular was a "gotta have." I inquired about the "signed poster" and asked if there was an actual piece but with no luck. The signed poster though was framed elegantly and even had hand painted borders. The price was a little steep at $695, but I was close to pulling the really close but I kept my cool and walked out. That piece was actually fit the bill of just getting married and being in love so who knows, I just might...What do you think? It's fun, loving and of course, symbolic of adellelijah! Since then, I've been obsessed. A couple of days later, I was online looking for more Romero Britto works on Amazon and found a collection of posters that I enjoyed just as much. Coincidently, Adelle and I have been wanted to hang a piece of art one on the main walls in our small apartment for a while and I think that this would fit the bill perfectly. I can't wait till it gets in!

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On another note, Adelle and I were treated to a University of Miami Hurricanes Football game and even got on the ESPN highlight reel. Peep the pic!