Kickstarter: Custom SLR Split Strap

Yet another awesome project to "back" by one of the first guys that we "backed" on Kickstarter by Custom SLR. A great group of SLR enthusiasts putting together another awesome idea for all those hobbyists, professionals and geeks that carry bags. Something so simple as this Split Strap used to string around an expensive camera or laptop. If you've been looking for a replacement for that the crappy one on your laptop bag, gym bag or your european man bag, help these guys out! Who knew that a swivel and a vent could be prove that much utility? Pay close attention though, there are quite a few different Split Straps based on the "backing" level. The first lists at $20 for cameras then the rest are as follows; $22 for laptop bags, $24 for larger duffles, $26 for guitars, $28 for the gliding Split Strap for those SLR enthusiasts, or $30 for the Split Strap arm sling. I know that's a lot of options, but hey, we all have the need for 'em. If you feel like going the distance, pledge $150 and get all the various straps that Custom SLR has to offer. Pictures are embedded throughout the Kickstarter website.

Kickstarter: Vere Sandal Company, USA - 2011 Collection

If you aren't familiar with the idea behind "Kickstarter," get to know them. Behind every good idea, project and dream is the need of funding. With the help of ordinary citizens such as yourselves, you can be your own "Angel Investor" and make these dreams come true. I'm proud to put forth that we have supported two successful funded projects which are just now being shipping and will have pictures and reviews of both. The two were C-Loop - Camera Strap Mount Solution and the now very famous TikTok+LunaTik Multi-Touch Watch Kits. If you want in, you can jump in on this next project whether or not you are thinking about buying a pair of sandals. I mean, why not support these guys and pick up a $25 pair. If you leather, go for the $50 backer! You might just ended up saving a little money and helping a company do it the American way! They are cheaper than most of the elitest brands out there such as Rainbows (which are now made in China rather than San Clemente, CA and even have a good sense of patriotism. Support 'em just as we have at adellelijah. =)