Thoughts on Apple's Impromptu Press Conference re: iPhone 4 FAILtenna / Antennagate

People are forgetting that next Tuesday is going to be HUGE!  Why do you think that Apple decided to have a press conference the week before this event?  Since the ongoing issue and media coverage of the iPhone 4's FAILtenna Antennagate, class action lawsuits have been filed, Consumer Reports has gone back and forth in recommending the device and even a Senator had time to write a letter to Steve Jobs addressing the issue (antenne-gate). Free cases for everyone!!! Not just Apple's Bumper but any case that you want from from a list of approved partners. (updated from Mr. Steve G's comment for a more accurate quote....Thanks Steve!) Apply on Apple's Website starting next week.  What are your reactions to how Apple has addressed this issue?    Is that going to quench everyone's thirst?

Here's the video that Steve Jobs and Apple played at the beginning of their press conference. Awesome!!!