Kickstarter - Urbanized: A Documentary Film

Here's your chance to support an amazing film by Gary Hustwit as he completes his Design Trilogy with the making of "Urbanized." Currently at 85% of his goal, on Kickstarter, Mr. Hustwit offers a whole array of types of deals ranging from $10 to $5000 for a private screening. Just for a mere $400, you and your company can be listed in Mr. Hustwit's credits under the "Special Thanks" segment which I think is a steal! Check out the video below and support his Kickstarter!

Gary's two other amazing films, Helvetica and Objectified, have received amazing reviews and you too should check them out now. Heck, I'd go for the Blu-ray Design Trilogy which includes the hardcover book and other contents sign by the man himself for a Kickstarter pledge of $125! We have just under 13 days to help the guy out! What's not to love?