Google Advance Sign-in minus the Key Fob

Have you ever had to carry around an annoying key fob for either World of Warcraft of E*Trade or any other banking site just to complete an authentication process?  It gets annoying and every now and then you might misplace the darn thing.  Google is now making it easier. Since we carry our mobile device almost everywhere and have it on our persons while using "the internet," Google, over the next few days, is rolling out, a chance to sign up for their new 2-step verification.  By activating the feature on your Google Account Settings page, within the security section, every time you sign into your Google account, it will now prompt you for your password followed by an expiring numerical code obtained on your personal mobile phone.  Google will either call you with the code, send you an SMS message or provide you the choice to generate the code for yourself with a mobile application called Google Authenticator on your Android, BlackBerry or iPhone device.

Just it case it gets to be a little too tedious for you, Google has included an easy button / check box toggle to "Remember verification for this computer for 30 days"so that you won't need to re-enter a code... for another 30 days.  Granted it negates the whole 2-step but hey, as long as you keep your phone on ya and your computer free from phishing, you should be good.  It hasn't been included under my settings just yet, but when it does, I'll get right back to you with an update.  For now, download the Google Authenticator for iPhone here at the app store.

via The Official Google Blog