Welcoming 2012!

We rang in the New Year's with friends and family but more importantly, felt well rested waking up to 2012. It was a busy holiday season for the both of us as we hosted back to back Christmas parties in our new house filling it with good vibes, cheer and spirit. It was a lot of work but we got it done! We're thinking of spacing them apart next year but I kind of liked it! More people can come the closer to Christmas it is because everyone is home for the holidays. And then you have the Christmas Eve party on the 24th as a tradition for family. Here's to planning for 2012's party!

Adelle and I will both be running in this year's Ragnar Relay: Florida Keys this upcoming weekend and we're both really excited! I was fortunate to run with a great group last year and am looking forward to the landscape of the Keys.

2012 is going to be a big year with three weddings to attend, baby showers, receptions and the like. It's going to be quite the roller coaster!

Happy 29th + 1 to Adelle!!!

Celebrating Adelle's 30th birthday in New York City with great friends and family! Thanks for coming out and making it oh so special!!! We hit up all the spots starting with the High Line, Ippudo NY, Momofuku (Milk), Please Don't Tell & Crif Dogs

Another “V” Day for History

Did you take a vacation right after New Year’s and miss out on all the CES news?   If you did, don't worry about it.  However, the biggest news to break out from Las Vegas was nothing that was introduced at the world famous convention but instead trumped its very existence.  More specifically, on Friday afternoon, privileged members of the tech press core, minus one naughty iPhone 4 prototype buying blog, received invitations for a special event in New York with Verizon serving as their host.   A matter of fact, Verizon even held their usual unveiling of products at their CES Press event but completely stayed away from the words iPhone or Apple saving it for a separate day. Insiders privy to this announcement have already drawn conclusions that it will mark the day that Verizon will introduce their version of Apple’s fourth generation iPhone.  Over the last few days, other tidbits have risen about the event.  From data plans said to be remaining “unlimited” at $29.99 a per device combating AT&T recent introduction of tiered data plans and further speculation of what models and whether or not Steve Jobs will show up are floating all over the internet.

Causing various controversy, ranging from Gizmodo’s ban from future Apple press events to the now famous Antennagate scandal, this device is marked to be a breath of fresh air for the iPhone 4.  Not only with the placement of the external antenna but most importantly the capability to take advantage of a network that has yet to experience the deluge of iPhone users and their hormongering data habits.

Questions range from mobile voice and data pricing plans, to Early Termination Fee costs, will the new iPhone have LTE capabilities or come equipped with the standard 3G CDMA technology, will it be capable of simultaneous voice and data and is there something special accompanying the set date of January 11, 2011?  I mean, we've also already read around that the iPhone 4 won't be for sale until the end of the month, so why now?

We’ll all know for sure in less than 12 hours so stay tuned for a summary of today’s exciting event right here on adellelijah.com.

Adelle Opens the Box of her Brand New Apple 13" MacBook Air

After a week of contemplating, calling various San Diego Apple stores and actually leaving a few stores with disappointment, then waiting another 12 hours, Adelle eagerly opens up her brand new Apple 13" MacBook Air. One of our first video blogs, check it out here on adellelijah.com or visit our youtube channel.