Welcoming 2012!

We rang in the New Year's with friends and family but more importantly, felt well rested waking up to 2012. It was a busy holiday season for the both of us as we hosted back to back Christmas parties in our new house filling it with good vibes, cheer and spirit. It was a lot of work but we got it done! We're thinking of spacing them apart next year but I kind of liked it! More people can come the closer to Christmas it is because everyone is home for the holidays. And then you have the Christmas Eve party on the 24th as a tradition for family. Here's to planning for 2012's party!

Adelle and I will both be running in this year's Ragnar Relay: Florida Keys this upcoming weekend and we're both really excited! I was fortunate to run with a great group last year and am looking forward to the landscape of the Keys.

2012 is going to be a big year with three weddings to attend, baby showers, receptions and the like. It's going to be quite the roller coaster!