Kickstarter: Fairy Quest

You don't usually find that many stories or original value and intrigue mixed in with amazing art. Going through some of Kickstarter's many different projects, I stumbled upon "Fairy Quest" by Paul Jenkins. It's an amazingly and I'm assuming painstakingly 48 page fully illustrated fictional tale. Starting at $14, you can have the huge PDF file and read it through on your iPad or iPhone or what have you. For only $30, you can have a "beautiful, hardbound, shrink-wrapped copy of Fairy Quest 1 – Outlaws by Paul Jenkins, Humberto Ramos and featuring gorgeous color and design work by our old pal and collaborator, Leonardo Olea!" That's the winner. If you want to up your pledge, get a signed copy for $60! (unfortunately the $40 signed edition is already pledged out and I am still trying to find out the difference between the two save for the personal message)

Kickstart it already! As you know, we did!